Poultry mites on cats

A client came in because she noticed that her cats were itching and scratching. After taking a close look at the cats’ skin a few tiny black spots were found and Dr. Neumeister took a look under the microscope to find that it was a poultry mite.  The client confirmed owning chickens, and the cats must have come in contact with them.

This type of mite attacks poultry, wild and cage birds, dogs, and cats as well as humans. It is white, grey, or black, but when engorged with blood red, and as such, they are often also referred to as “red mites”. These mites can survive for up to 9 months without food.

Dr. Neumeister prescribed oral medications to treat the swelling and itching on the cats’ skin as well as a topical parasite protection product. The chickens’ nests need to be removed and replaced. In addition to that the entire premises need to be treated with insecticides.