Fractured canine front leg

A blue Heeler fractured his leg after being hit by a car. Radiographs reveal both radius and ulna (the 2 long bones) of the left front leg with comminution (crushing/grinding) of the distal (outer) 1/3 diaphysis (main or midsection of a long bone).









The small bone pieces were removed, crushed further, and reinserted at the fracture site to serve as graf material or as a source of germinal bone cells. The ulna was shortened by 1 cm to allow compression at the fracture site.
A plate with 7 holes/screws was applied. After laser therapy, a bandage/splint was applied. The dog will receive pain relief medication, as well as antibiotics. The bandage will need to be changed every 7 to 14 days and after 6 weeks radiographs will need to be taken to see how the bones are healing.