Entropion eyelid repair and third eyelid flap

This kitten has been named “Jack Sparrow”. He was presented on October 25th, 2014 by a Dubuque police officer after being found abandoned with his left eye protruding beyond its bony socket. He weighed only 2.1 lbs and was emaciated. Jack Sparrow was immediately fed and medicated to help him gain strength.


The eye was replaced into the socket. He also had an ulcer of the cornea and entropion (inward turning of the eyelid causing abrasion of the cornea by the eyelashes). A keratotomy (surgical gridding) of the healthy cornea, a 3rd eyelid flap, and entropion eyelid repair have now resulted in a healthy eye, albeit non-seeing due to the proptosis.




Jack Sparrow has been adopted!