13 Oct No Comments Neumeister Animal Hospital Case of the week

Dental surgery for cats and dogs is a routine procedure at Neumeister Animal Hospital. It ranges from preventive care to tooth extractions. You can read up on our routine dental procedures by clicking on the following link: http://neumeisteranimalhospital.com/dental-disease/

In this particular case a dog was scheduled for a routine cleaning. After the dog was anesthetized it was possible to view more of the dog’s gingiva/gums and a tumor was found. Oral tumors are relatively common in cats and dogs. Benign and malignant tumors of the oral cavity account for 3-12% of all tumors in cats and 6% of all tumors in dogs [https://www.acvs.org]. All oral growths should be investigated, therefore a biopsy was done and the tissue was submitted to a pathologist.


Left side before the dental cleaning.


Left side after dental cleaning.


Right side before dental cleaning.


Right side after dental cleaning.


A tumor was found during the dental
cleaning procedure.

A dental radiograph was taken.
Loss of alveolar bone surrounding
the roots was noted.


Dr. Neumeister removed the tumor and
sent the tissue to a pathology laboratory.