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We would like to share an email we received from Bianca Perkins who’s professional service dog ChiChi is sponsored by Neumeister Animal Hospital.

On May 8th when ChiChi visited NICC.  Cathy Davis (a Neumeister client) invited us to visit during finals week to help students relax and destress in between classes/final exams.  Students loved having her there and ChiChi of course loved all the attention!  A student also brought their young toddler there, who was especially found of ChiChi.

ChiChi was invited to the Black Hawk College Mental Health Wellness Conference which was held back in September.  ChiChi was invited to greet conference attendees as they arrived for the day-long event. 

 This week, ChiChi and I will also be wrapping up our four-week long research study at Black Hawk College’s Outreach Center.  The title of the study is “The Impact of the Use of a Professional Therapy Dog on the Sense of School Belongingness and Class Attendance of Students in a Truant’s Alternative and Optional Education Program.”  Truant’s Alternative and Optional Education Program is a program for alternative high school students.  I will be working on data analysis and findings over the next couple of months and hope to have the final dissertation completed by the end of the summer.  I will be sure to keep you posted!

Once the research study is over, ChiChi will of course continue to visit college campuses on a regular basis.  I want to send you Dr. Neumeister, and your fantastic team, a huge thank you for the wonderful care you provide ChiChi!  The amount of joy and comfort ChiChi brings to students, faculty, and staff throughout the day never ceases to amaze me and you all have a part in making that happen.  I truly appreciate the role you play in her therapy work and cannot thank you enough for the exceptional work that you do … THANK YOU!!

ChiChi at NICC