Xylitol poisonings in dogs from peanut butter

We had posted information about Xylitol and its danger for pets in the past, but need to revisit the subject because the number of reports to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has increased notably. According to the center medical director Dr. Tina Wismer the center received 3,727 Xylitol-related calls in 2014. The actual number of cases is likely much higher than that, Wismer said, because some veterinarians have treated enough cases that they no longer call the center for guidance.

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Over the last few months, reports about certain peanut butter containing Xylitol have been in the news. Peanut butter is a common treat for dogs and is often used to make pills palatable. A naturally occurring alcohol in plants, Xylitol is safe for people but not dogs because of differences in metabolism. Depending on the dose, dogs that consume Xylitol may develop a range of ills, from mild hypoglycemia to liver failure, which can be fatal. Manufacturers who add Xylitol to their peanut butter are now asked to warn about the sweetener’s risk to pets.

To view a list of examples of products containing Xylitol go to: http://www.preventivevet.com/xylitol-products-toxic-for-dogs



Source: http://news.vin.com/VINNews.aspx?articleId=38025&callshare=1
Dog toxicant xylitol appearing in peanut butters – Manufacturers asked to warn of sweetener’s risk to pets.
September 3, 2015
By: Phyllis DeGioia
For The VIN News Service