What to expect after your pet’s vaccination

It’s fairly common for your pet to experience some or all of the following mild side effects – usually starting within hours of vaccination and typically lasting no longer than a few days. If these side effects last for more than a few days call us at 563-582-8417.



  • Discomfort and local swelling at the vaccination site
  • Mild fever
  • Diminished appetite and activity

A small, firm swelling under the skin may develop at the site of a recent vaccination and should disappear in a couple of weeks. If it persists for more than three months or grows in size, contact us. More serious but rare side effects, such as severe allergic reactions, may occur within minutes to hours after vaccination. Signs include vomiting, diarrhea, itchy skin, difficulty breathing, and collapse. These allergic reactions can be life-threatening and are medical emergencies.

Contact us immediately, as your pet may require medical treatment.