Happy story – Phoebe

Phoebe (formerly known as Barbie) is a super sweet Beagle girl that has been through some big heartaches over the last few years. An older gentleman adopted her in 2010. Unfortunately, her owner became ill and had to spend more and more time in hospital care. When at home, he would share his own meals with Phoebe, which caused her to become obese. In July of this year, Phoebe’s owner had to be committed to a full-time care facility and will not be coming home again. The owner’s family members did not want Barbie and asked us about euthanizing her. Doctor Neumeister felt that Phoebe deserves a happy healthy life and asked the family to release Phoebe to Neumeister Animal Hospital instead.

Before looking for a good home, Phoebe’s obesity was a concern that needed to be addressed. She was put on a strict diet and was walked outside three times per day. Within a few weeks, we had her down to 26.6 pounds (her heaviest weight was 38 pounds). Her physical health was getting better, but we knew that she needed a happy forever home with people who give her love and care around the clock. On October 2nd, 2014 Phoebe found what she needed and deserved: she was adopted by a loving family who have been coming here for many years. She now has two other Beagle girls to play with and her new owners have been able to get more weight off her. She still needs to lose more weight, but we are heading in the right direction.

Phoebe Before:


Phoebe November 2014 at 24 pounds (it’s still work in progress):


Here are some updated photos Frances and Don sent us.


Update on 01/05/15: Phoebe is now down to 21 pounds, which is almost half the weight she used to be!


Phoebe Update: 01/27/15: Phoebe is down to 20 pounds!
Phoebe Update 7/02/15: Phoebe is down to 18 pounds! She lost a total of 20 pounds!